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Version 1.2.5


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       Friendly-Strike 3 is the worthy successor of its big brother Friendly-Strike 2. It’s still a 2D fast-paced shoot/platform game, and certainly one of the funniest ways to play with your friends. Fight you friends or the computer. Up to 4 players can join a game! (Of course, you may play in cramped conditions but it’s possible). And if you don't have any friends close to you at the moment, you can also play with the CPUs, with an advanced AI and 4 difficulty levels!


       Choose a powerful weapon among the 48 available arms. 38 of them can be bought between the rounds using a menu, while the 10 other ones
may appear in the arenas. These last ones are incredibly powerful. You can also use some items : Grenades, Napalm Grenades, Smoke Bombes, or
even remote-controlled Rockets. There are also special items, but it's up to you to find them!


       Friendly-Strike 3 also brings two major improvements :



- A powerful Arena Editor which allows you to create yourself your own friendly fight. Choose the background of your arena among 19 Worlds
and put your blocks together to create your very own arena!


-Play Online with your friends and confront other players! In addition, 2 players can play online on the same PC: that's another reason
to invite your friends at home!






Be a smart strategist or big barbarian, it’s up to you to choose! (Or not…)





Patch from the versions 1.1.8 - 1.2.2 to 1.2.5

Patch from the version 1.2.3 to 1.2.5

Patch from the version 1.2.3 to 1.2.5


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